To the Rescue! New, Powerful Princess Peeps T-Shirt & Glasses Giveaway!

Exciting news!  I’m so proud to announce the debut of our Princess Peeps t-shirt, created with the help of Eye Power Kids Wear.


Here’s our t-shirt image! This is the adventurous princess from our book, Princesses Wear Glasses, which is the story of a brave girl who saves the day wearing her glasses.

Brown haired cover photo

You can also order the shirt in purple, and you can choose blonde or brown hair.   Here at Peeps we love offering customizable products for your child!  You can order the book, Princesses Wear Glasses in whatever hair color you want, and can even include your child’s name.

Eye Power Kids Wear shares our mission of helping kids love wearing corrective eyewear.  They make fabulous t-shirts with soft cotton fabric and crisp colors, and like Peeps Eyewear, their products have positive messages for young kids who wear glasses.  My daughter loves her t-shirt, and of course she loves her Peeps Eyewear glasses and book!

You can win all three, plus a Peeps Eyewear dress-up cape and crown, if you enter the giveaway!  Head over to Eye Power Kids Wear’s blog today; there are many ways to enter.

Picture 029

We believe princesses can be powerful, not just damsels in distress.  That’s why our princess is “To the rescue!”  Your child can imagine she’s off saving the day through adventurous play, just like the character in our book.  She will love playing in the well-made cape and crown, reading the book and wearing her glasses everyday.  Our optical-quality, durable frames can be worn as non-prescription sunglasses too.

Please be sure to tell all of your bespectacled young friends about Peeps Eyewear.  We’re a social enterprise on a mission to empower kids to love their glasses and increase awareness about the importance of early childhood vision health.

girl w glasses

Thanks, Eye Power Kids Wear, for creating such fabulous t-shirts for kids!

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